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Good Link Consultants - Co Background & History

 Company Information

Good Link Consultants was established in 1989. It has been known for its professional dealing in employment business. All candidates screened by the company are ensured to reach education level of at least high school or college standard. Some of Filipino helpers even attain University standard or professional qualifications such as nursery and education. All Filipino, Indonesian and Thai maids and domestic helpers are required to complete Cantonese speaking and house-keeping training course before deployed to Hong Kong.

Further to this, a lot of our candidates have gained overseas working experience. They are from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Middle East, etc.

The employer can also be assured that the health of the maid is normal as not only two medical check-ups are done before departure. Upon arrival, the maids will be arranged to have an additional check-up which includes AIDS, VDRL, Hepatitis B, Chest X-ray and Pregnancy test and the report is delivered to the employer immediately.

The employers are also provided with free labour law consultation service and free replacement  during contract years.

* Good Link Consultants is accredited by both Philippines Consulate and Indonesia Consulate.

Address:   Shop 84, 2/F, Red Mall, 
    501-505 Jaffe Rd., Causeway Bay, HK
    Address:    Rm 1314, 13/F, Gala Place,
    56 Dundas St., Mongkok, Kln
Please visit our office by appointment.
Tel:  6544 4600 
Fax  8104 0816
Email  igoodlink@igoodlink.com
Licence No:    55212


Overseas Maids

Baby sitting, Taking care of aged, Housekeeping

Applicants are at your finger tips. We upload all applicants’ bio-data to the company website and update from time to time. With our support, you may just sit at home to find your domestic helper. All you need is to tell us the file no. of the applicant and we will do for you all documentation work needed. Effectiveness on use of more technology enables us to offer employers a very low agency fee.

Online Comprehensive Package:

This package is for clients who select applicants from our website. Clients who select at our office do not belong to this category

HK$11,268 ¹ (Filipino Maids); HK$13,068 ¹ (Indonesian Maids)

Walk-in Package:

HK$11,868 (Filipino Maids); HK$14,068 (Indonesian Maids)





Online Clients





(helper insurance excluded)

(helper insurance excluded)

Walk-in Clients




  1. The agency fee HK$11,268 package (Filipino Maid) / HK$13,068 package (Indonesian Maid) is for employers who purchase the 2-year local helper insurance which at our discounted premium is HK$1,080 / 2 years. Otherwise, HK$10,588 (Filipino Maid) / HK$12,388 (Indonesian Maid) is required and the local helper insurance is to be arranged by the employers themselves. 

  2. Starting from Nov 8, 2011, employers who hire Filipinos to work overseas are required to take out a Philippines Compulsory Insurance, premium HK$1,200.  

  3. One Philippines / Indonesia to Hong Kong air-ticket

  4. Contract fee

  5. Visa fee

  6. Home management course in Philippines / Indonesia

  7. Two medical check-ups in Philippines / One medical check-up in Indonesia

  8. One medical check-up in H.K. (For first helper only)

  9. Free pick-up service upon arrival

  10. Free assistance in application for H.K. I.D. card

  11. A cook book which is in English and Chinese (For first helper only)

  12. A babycare handbook in English # (For first helper only)

  13. An employer handbook (For first helper only)

  14. Replacement within 180 days ** 

  15. Free monitor on maids performance during contract years

** Filipino Maid: Only 80% of the current agency fee is needed for hiring an overseas Filipino maid.
     Indonesian Maid: Only 80% of the current agency fee is needed for hiring an overseas Indonesian maid. 
# Package will not include a baby care handbook.

For Enquiry:6544 4600