Employees' Compensation Insurance

The law requires employers to purchase employees' compensation insurance for their domestic helpers. The employees' compensation insurance covers the helper, who is in service, the medical expenses incurred due to the work.

However, the employees' compensation insurance doesn't cover medical expenses due to natural illness. According to the employment contract, these medical expenses are to be borne by the employers.

QBE Domestic Helper Protector is composed three sections. Not only the employees' compensation section, but there are medical cover to cover natural illness and Personal Accident Benefits insurance to any accident even though the helper is off duty.

Domestic Helper Insurance Plan

  • Outpatient - Clinical expenses (Each visit HK$200)
  • Hospitalization Expenses - Surgical and Hospitalisation Expenses (Up to 30,000)
  • Dental Expenses - oral surgery, treatment of abscesses, X-rays, extractions or fillings as a result of dental disease ( two-thirds of expenses)
  • Personal Accident Benefits - Protection extends to not in the course of and arising out of employment
  • Loss of Services Cash Allowances - Domestic helper confined in a hospital, Employer compensated
  • Repatriation Expenses - the domestic helper suffers from serious sickness or injury
  • Replacement of domestic helper - In addition to repatriation cover, employer also compensated for hiring a replacement
  • Fidelity Guarantee - Cover against financial loss of the employer arising from a dishonest act
  • Domestic Helper’s Liability - Cover legal liability of your domestic helper to third-party
  • Optional CoverCancer and Heart Disease Extension (HK$100,000)

F. A. Q.

Can I have a sample policy for reference?

The policy includes a policy schedule and a policy content. The policy schedule summarizes the protection items and the policyholder's information. For the policy content page, please click this link.

When is the earliest starting date? When will I receive the policy??

The earliest starting date can be the day you place the order with a completed application form and payment information. You may specify a later date but backdating is not accepted. The e-policy is emailed to you after one working day. If there is no e-policy received after one day (check out also trash folder), please contact us.

The helper has been working for a period of time. Can the policy be backdated?

The earliest effective date can only be the day you place the order.

How to place the order?

You may email us the completed application form together with a bank payment receipt.

Domestic Helper Protector Brochure


Download Application Form and get our bank account no. Email or fax back completed application form and payment receipt to our agency.

Two-year premium HK$1080.00 (Original premium$1,350)

Two-year premium(plus optional cancer or heart deseases cover) HK$1,530 (Original premiumHK$1,800)

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