Direct Hire

The direct hire or name hire of a domestic helper's service fee is HK$5,460. This service fee covers the visa fee, contract authentication fee, air ticket from Philippines to Hong Kong and one medical check-up in HK#(Plan A). 

Employers need also to purchase the 2-year helper insurance, which is HK$1,080 / 2 years, to cover the employees' compensation and medical insurance . If clients want to arrange this insurance by their own, the service fee is, then, HK$5,860 instead.


(Special Price HK$5,460 & 2-year helper insurance premium HK$1,080)

( Helper insurance not included)

* Philippines Insurance HK$1200 is not included.
# If the employer needs to apply "Letter of Consent" from Housing Department / Hong Kong Housing Society, an additional charge of HK$200 will be applied.

Starting from Nov 8, 2011, employers who hire Filipinos to work overseas are required to take out a Philippines insurance, premium HK$1,200. 

The above fee does not cover the expenses incurred in Philippines side. They are medical check-up fee, documentation fee and placement fee, etc.


This check-up includes Chest X-ray, Hepatitis B, AIDS, VDRL, Stool Examination and Pregnancy Test.

2-year premium HK$1200 for Philippines compulsory OFW insurance will be collected at the time the employer places order.


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