•   Visa Fee
  •   Consulate Fee
  •   An air-tcket from Philippines / Indonesia to HK
  •   Home management course in Philippines / Indonesia
  •  Two medical check-ups in Philippines / One in Indonesia
  •  Arrival Health Check in  HK $780
  •  Airport pick-up to our office
  •   Assistance in application for HK I.D. card
  •   Enrollment of arrival seminar
  •  10  A bilingual English and Chinese cook book
  •  11  A babycare handbook in English
  •  12  A handbook for employer
  •  13  20% discount on replacement within 180 days
  •  14 Labour Ordnance Consultation service in helper's term
  •  15  Follow up and counselling service
  •  16  SIM card for arrival seminar's enrollment and future use
  •  17  Philippines Insurance  $1,200
  •  18 Two-year Helper Insurance  $1,080


Baby sitting, Elderly caring, Housekeeping

All applicants’ bio-data are uploaded and updated on the website from time to time. With our support, you may just sit at home to find your domestic helper. All you need is to tell us the file no. of the applicant and the recruitment procedures can easily be kicked started.


Overseas Filipino Applicants